Handyman services in NJ

Luchos Improvement Solutions LLC specializes in a wide variety of handyman services across NJ. Finding a handyman that can perform a number of common household issues both big and small that arise during home ownership is sometimes very hard. For Example, that leaky faucet that will not stop or the back door that doesn’t close correctly. What is you just bought a new TV and want it hung on the wall. Who do you call? Luchos Improvement Solutions LLC are trained professionals that specialize in a number of different areas, as well as Handyman Services for both residential and commercial properties We are fully licensed and insured.  Some Handyman Services we offer, but not limited to are:

The list goes on and on. No matter the size or kind of project you have, if we can do it we will. We take pride in providing quality service to all of our clients, as well in staying true and honest. If we cannot complete a job, or handyman service we will let you know, and refer you to someone who can.

We have been providing Handyman Services to Northern, Central and Southern New Jersey for 10+ years. We respond quickly, provide above all great customer service, great quality of work and are budget friendly. Our handyman services can also be found on thumbtack, with a fury of reviews.

All of our estimates are free. We are happy to discuss any details or questions you may have relating to your handyman service needs.


Service Type: Handyman services
Provider Name: Luchos Improvement Solutions,
1 Lake Dr, East Windsor, NJ 08520, USA,
Telephone No. 732-213-8964
Area: NJ
Description:Handyman services in NJ - Lucho's improvement solutions is the leading floor contractor, specializing in handyman services in New Jersey (NJ).